E-Signature Software

E-signature software is a software solution that provides people with a way to sign legally binding documents in a digital format. E-signatures, also commonly called esignatures, electronic signatures, e-sign, online signatures, and digital signatures, are electronic indications of intent or authorship of a message, document, or other data.

RightSignature enables users to upload pdf or doc files, specify recipients, and send documents for signature in under 60 seconds. This increasingly popular software enables busy professionals and consumers to execute agreements online, without having to rely on fax machines or overnight shipping carriers. By providing users with a straightforward way to get documents signed and returned in an electronic format, electronic signature software helps businesses increase response rates, improve efficiency, and cut operating expenses at the same time.

In order to be considered legally binding in court, contracts and agreements need to be authenticated and signed in accordance with e-signature law. RightSignature exceeds legal requirements by providing a complete portfolio of security and authentication features. Contracts executed electronically include additional signing event and identity data not captured on traditional paper documents, significantly increasing legal defensibility.

Currently, electronic signature software is being used by businesses of all sizes, from solo professionals to global enterprises, in virtually every industry. This is due in large part to how this software streamlines the process of obtaining signatures on important business agreements and forms, resulting in immediate cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.


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