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E-signature software enables you to sign documents online. Pioneered by RightSignature™, this popular technology is becoming a valued business tool in virtually every industry.

✓ Real, hand-drawn esignature online
✓ No paper, no printing, no faxing
✓ Secure, legally binding documents

RightSignature E-Signature Solution

In an era when instantaneous communication is the standard, waiting for written contracts to make their way back and forth between parties can seem agonizingly slow and expensive. Increasingly, businesses have been adopting legally binding electronic signatures to streamline the process.

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E-Signature Definition

e-signature  noun
related to esignatureelectronic signatureesign,
online signature, digital signature

    1. an electronic indication of a person’s intent to agree to the contents of a document, message, or data record
    2. a person’s name written with one’s own hand utilizing electronic technology
    3. the act of signing one’s name in an electronic format

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E-Signature Software

RightSignature is the leading, all-in-one electronic signature solution trusted by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Learn about e-signature software.

E-Signature Law

Laws in the U.S., Canada, U.K., E.U., Australia, New Zealand, and countries around the world establish the legal standing of e-signatures. Documents signed with compliant e-signature software have the same legal validity as traditional pen-and-paper contracts. Learn more about e-signature law.